Shoals Harpoons Tuna/Swordfish/Shark Bronze Rigged Dart cast right here in New England and was designed by Tuna Harpooners/fisherman here in New England under our direct supervision. It fits a 3/8 pike or shaft which is non-tapered—– the dart end. It is stamped with made in USA . The dart is much different than those made offshore in Asia as this Dart is heavier and made of better quality Bronze. Since we machine all our darts after they are cast —-they fit perfectly on our Shoals Harpoons Pikes or shafts —- they also fit well on any 3/8 shaft. The bronze Dart is rigged with 3/8 inch Dyneema 3000lb — with a loop on one end so you can do a loop to loop connection to the main line. The rigged dart line is approximately 18 inches long.


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