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Shoals Harpoons

Perfect Pike™

Perfect Pike™

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Meet the Shoals Harpoons Perfect Pike™, a Tuna/Swordfish/Shark harpoon accessory. Our exclusive pike has a special grooved shaft with 2 O-rings which hold the Dart on the shaft. The Perfect Pike™ is a New England made pike is 18 inches long and has 24/unf threads. It is made of 316 Stainless Steel and designed to fit the Shoals Harpoon. Our Perfect Pike™ can be used on other Harpoons – if the threads fit.

The Perfect Pike™ holds the Dart on the end of the Harpoon so it does not slip or fall off when you are in final, critical stage of harpooning the fish. Since all our Bronze Darts are made under our watch right here in New England and are machined after they are cast, we can control the fit of our Shoals Darts on the Pike. Perfect Fit, Perfect Pike.

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