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Shoals Harpoons

Shoals Harpoon DIY Kit

Shoals Harpoon DIY Kit

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All Shoals Harpoon components are made locally here in New England using the finest raw materials. We supply 3/8 inch #10-24 stainless steel button screws which secure the head and rear section pieces of the harpoon to a customer-supplied length of 3/4 inch schedule 40 aluminum pipe or conduit.

To assemble: Measure 1 inch from the end of the pipe on both ends — mark where the screws will fit the pipe and drill a starter hole —2 button socket screws secure each end piece of the harpoon in place. Simple!

The kit consists of the following parts:

1 – Harpoon brass and stainless-steel weighted head approx. 1lb 6oz (weighted to throw at fish under water) drilled and tapped for mounting into customer-supplied 3/4 Inch Schedule 40 aluminum pipe/conduit harpoon shaft. 
1 – Harpoon end cap with carabiner clip – unique machined piece that holds carbineer included (to clip around main harpoon line) —machined to fit inside schedule 40 aluminum conduit harpoon shaft
1 – Stainless Pike 3/8 inch –approx. 16 inches long —-screws into end of harpoon head
1 — Mounting Hardware —- Screws to attach head and end cap to harpoon pipe/shaft.

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