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Shoals Harpoons

Shoals Replacement Dart Head, Bronze Rigged

Shoals Replacement Dart Head, Bronze Rigged

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The Shoals Harpoons Tuna/Swordfish/Shark Bronze Dart —- this dart is cast in New England and fits a 3/8 pike or shaft which is non tapered —– the dart was designed by New England Tuna Harpooners/fisherman. It is stamped with Made In USA. The dart is much different than the ones made offshore in Asia as our darts are heavier and made of a better quality marine Bronze. Since we machine all our darts after they are cast, they fit perfectly on our Pikes or shafts, they also fit well on any 3/8" shaft. 

The bronze Dart is rigged with 3/8 inch Dyneema 3000lb — with a loop on one end so you can do a loop to loop connection to the main line. The rigged dart line is approximately 18 inches long.

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